[cascade] [feature request] recalculate delay each loop

When I’m using a range on an emitter delay, the delay is only calculated once and will be used for as long as my emitter is alive. It would be very useful to get an option to recalculate the delay each loop. (similarly to the duration range).

Right now I can get irregular spawn of particles by using a duration range recalculated every loop in conjunction with a spawn burst. What I’d want is the same thing but not using an instant burst. I’d wish to spawn particles for a random duration and have random delay between these loops.
That would be used for falling debris and dust for instance. It’s ok with a particle burst but would be smoother and more subtle if I could emit particles over a duration.
(Same applies to the particle system delay I believe, although I didn’t test it recently).


If you check the Duration and Loop settings in the Required module I think these are the settings you want to apply…These will work with any emission settings


Thanks homeRye.
I am aware of those but I was imagining combining the duration settings with similar settings on the delay.

The idea is to have durations that will vary, coupled with delay that will vary too in between.

Sorry I actually replied a bit too quickly and missed the fact you had the delay on the screenshot too.

The thing with the delay range if I’m not mistaken is that it’s not recalculated each loop. If you place this in a level and it loops indefinitely, then the delay will be the same every time. It is only computed once.

That’s what this setup would do for you…I updated the image, perhaps you replied before I did so.

Hey mkal0235 -

I want to make sure that your feature request is presented correctly to our engineers, so let me clarify: Currently when you use the Delay Range, as shown by Homerye above, each loop it calculates a delay somewhere between the float values of Emitter Delay and Emitter Delay Low, so again for the example above some delay value between 2.0 and 4.0 would occur on each loop. Is this not what you are requesting?

Again Thank you for the clarification -

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

My impression is that instead of drawing a new delay value between Emitter Delay and Emitter Delay Low each loop, it only does so once.

That ok if your emitter is a one off. However if you place in in a map and there’s no blueprint to restart it, the delay is going to remain the same every loop, which makes the repetition visible.

As I said I might be wrong, it’s probably worth a double check.

Ah, I see the problem. You must have the Emitter Duration Recalc Each Loop set to true in order for the emitter delay range to be recalculated on each loop. Please note that you do not have to have the Emitter Duration using any sort of loops at all just the Recalc checked true.

Oh right. So Emitter Duration Recalc Each Loop enables the delay recalculation as well then? I had no idea, I’ll check it out tonight.

Hey Eric,

You’re right, that works just fine. I would have never guessed that a duration property could have affected the delay as well.
Thanks for your time !