Cartoon light effect

Hello everyone,
I am currently designing a mobile game and I am trying to get a lightning effect similar to the sampe picture I have posted below. Can someone help me please :slight_smile: I also heard that using lights for mobile will decrease performance, so is it possible using unlit materials?

There are a lot of ways to do cartoon style lighting. I’ll give you a quick basic foundation you can easily build out. This is a simple layered approach that has a diffuse color and shadow color, but you can easily add a specular color to it by just adding another layer, or use textures or whatever you want. You could further use vertex colors, vertex normals, normal maps, etc to control shading if you like.

Start a new material. In the material editor select the output node and set the shading model to unlit. Build out a network like the attached picture. The network is a stripped down version of a phong lighting model. It takes the dot product of the surface normal and a normalized light vector, which produces a simple gradient shading of the surface, compares that result to a cutoff value you specify and then paints either a diffuse or shadow color based on that result. If the cutoff is closer to 1 the more shadow dominates the surface, closer to 0, more light dominates the surface.

For the fake light vector you just act as if it’s in world coordinates; RGB = XYZ. If you specify 500, 0, 1000 you are specifying a light 500 units right and 1000 units above the object. You can use a real light through a material collection parameter if you like.

I just need to take a tutorial at UV Unwrapping in Blender and I will be good to go! “Still a Beginner”