CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit

I am presenting you CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit, that will bring the basic racing things, for the Unreal users, who wants to make car racing games!
I have released, three tutorial video on how to export/import cars step by step, using Blender to Unreal Engine 4.
My project is available for purchase on the marketplace, for only 5$! :slight_smile:


  • Automatic/Manual Gear switch
  • Added intro video
  • Finished Time Attack, Time Attack (Reverse), Free Roam levels
  • Basic Time Trial System (Used Epic’s tutorial)
  • Pause Menu Sytem with levels selector, settings and credits
  • Car Flip function, if the car has landed on it’s top, now with manual flipping (only works if the car doesn’t moving, after that, move the car a little, then 5 seconds later you can flip the car again)
  • Basic Damage System with Sound Effects and Damage amount applied by speed (Improved Damage System with Triggers + Particle Effects)
  • Tire Smoke/Skidmarks, if Brake or Handbrake is used, also when oversteering with skidding sound effect
  • Created a new Speedometer for the car (HUD)
  • Added very low graphics settings/reduced build size
  • Car mesh got visible damages
  • Car interior has now fully working speedometer, steering wheel, gear stick, gas/brake/clutch pedals, handbrake and radio
  • Color Changer with user defined colors for it’s Body, Rim and it’s Interior
  • Functionable Windshield Wipers
  • 3 Camera (Follow, Orbit, Interior)
  • Engine Sound Effects
  • Reverse, Brake & Front Light
  • Brake/Handbrake Sound Effects
  • Tire Sound Effects
  • Horn Sound Effect
  • Metric & Imperial Changer
  • Analog Speedometer
  • Basic Nitro System with Refuel, after a few seconds
  • Basic Garage to Repair the car, also you can repair it anytime, with pick ups
  • OnGround function with Line Trace to detect if the car is on the ground or not
  • Map was also changed, added Race Track, the Terrain was deleted, the car Bottom, Top, Triggers couldn’t work because it didn’t had overlap collider functions
    Also works the best with an Xbox 360 Controller.

Purchase Link:

Builds Download Link:…ew?usp=sharing

Final Build Alternative Download Link:!oh4EgYTC!xbu3UhXH8…AimpKjJUobC6eE

Tutorial Videos Link:…CIcSD7rEILZWqq
Be sure, that you have enabled the subtitles on the tutorial videos.

Tutorial Car Mesh Link:…FhtUmJQYTR0bkE

Tutorial Car Mesh Alternative Link:!o5Y2UJwL!4xzLJ51Jy…RzCtPEO85fCBO8
This is the car mesh that i have used in the tutorial videos, it’s available to download for free, so you can easily follow along with my tutorials.

If you like my project so far, then go check out the builds and the tutorial videos, also feel free to give me some feedback! :slight_smile:

Looks great! I will buy this when its on the marketplace:)
I wish someone would make a functioning logitech steering wheel plugin though!

Yeah, it would be great to have functioning steering wheels in Unreal Engine. :slight_smile:

This looks great. How difficult would it be to replace the included vehicle with our own vehicle meshes? I’m not too concerned with maintaining the damage states.

Have you seen this one? I don’t think it’s been updated since 4.7 but it should be a great place to start at least.

have you submitted it to the marketplace? why is it not available there?

The replace of the car mesh shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour, even less if you don’t need any morph targets (damage).
You can see the mesh replace for yourself, in the tutorial videos under the first post.

Yes, it has been submitted and has a release date of January 6, 2016 after that date you can purchase it.

What is the replication on this if any? Server side? Client side prediction? MP not supported?

I don’t understand your first question, but for the Multiplayer, i haven’t tested if it’s works that way.

If I purchase it on Shellfy, would I be able to transfer to UE4 launcher when it’s released.
being able to download and update from the ue4 launcher it self is what I mean.
PM me the details if possible.

I don’t think that is possible, because you purchase it outside of the marketplace!

Hi, guys!
Don’t forget, that one week from now CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit will be available on the marketplace, also i wish all of you Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Hi, guys!
I know, that i’m late with the announcement, that my project is available since this wednesday on the marketplace too for purchase, also don’t forget to write feedback’s and if you like it then rate it on the marketplace!
Thanks again, guys!

Hi, guys!
The 4.11 version of my “Advanced Vehicle Kit” is available to download, but it seems that this version has got a new bug.
This bug is related to the cameras, it’s causes the cameras to flicker.
It has been reported and Epic is working on it.
The bug report is: UE-24725
Also, i’m having some great news for those who didn’t purchased my asset yet, starting from 04.05.2016 my “Advanced Vehicle Kit” will get a 25% discount on the Marketplace and a 30% discount on sellfy for two weeks (until 04.19.2016)!

I purchased this on the market place when it first came out. I will say it is the best vehicle asset on the market as of now. A lot of work has been put into this. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a vehicle asset. Unfortunately no one (including Epic) has come out with a useable AI for vehicles. This is a great asset and fun to play around with. Also a good point for learning some advanced techniques. But, a game / simulation with only one car seems kind of pointless.

Thanks for the support!
Yes, unfortunately there isn’t any documentation on how to get Vehicle AI’s working in the engine.
If there were more cars, then it’s price would be much higher.
Also, you can always duplicate that one car and save it with different properties.

This is a really good pack and I hope the author is making a tonne of money with the $10 price point. I hope lots of people buy it to try it out.

have to buy someday and try to add leedos cars package to this and test

Nice project!

It would be nice to have multiplayer support, ability to attach other meshes to the car, and have a few things to make it work on mobile (blob shadow, physics that scale down if desired, etc.)

Definitely would be on my to-buy list!

Hi, guys!
Starting from 07.11.2016 (from the next monday) my “Advanced Vehicle Kit” will get a 50% discount on the Marketplace and on Sellfy too, until 07.31.2016!
I wish everyone a great summer! :slight_smile: