CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit

I am presenting you CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit, that will bring the basic racing things, for the Unreal users, who wants to make car racing games!
I have released, three tutorial video on how to export/import cars step by step, using Blender to Unreal Engine 4.
My project is available for purchase on the marketplace, for only 5$! :slight_smile:


  • Automatic/Manual Gear switch
  • Added intro video
  • Finished Time Attack, Time Attack (Reverse), Free Roam levels
  • Basic Time Trial System (Used Epic’s tutorial)
  • Pause Menu Sytem with levels selector, settings and credits
  • Car Flip function, if the car has landed on it’s top, now with manual flipping (only works if the car doesn’t moving, after that, move the car a little, then 5 seconds later you can flip the car again)
  • Basic Damage System with Sound Effects and Damage amount applied by speed (Improved Damage System with Triggers + Particle Effects)
  • Tire Smoke/Skidmarks, if Brake or Handbrake is used, also when oversteering with skidding sound effect
  • Created a new Speedometer for the car (HUD)
  • Added very low graphics settings/reduced build size
  • Car mesh got visible damages
  • Car interior has now fully working speedometer, steering wheel, gear stick, gas/brake/clutch pedals, handbrake and radio
  • Color Changer with user defined colors for it’s Body, Rim and it’s Interior
  • Functionable Windshield Wipers
  • 3 Camera (Follow, Orbit, Interior)
  • Engine Sound Effects
  • Reverse, Brake & Front Light
  • Brake/Handbrake Sound Effects
  • Tire Sound Effects
  • Horn Sound Effect
  • Metric & Imperial Changer
  • Analog Speedometer
  • Basic Nitro System with Refuel, after a few seconds
  • Basic Garage to Repair the car, also you can repair it anytime, with pick ups
  • OnGround function with Line Trace to detect if the car is on the ground or not
  • Map was also changed, added Race Track, the Terrain was deleted, the car Bottom, Top, Triggers couldn’t work because it didn’t had overlap collider functions
    Also works the best with an Xbox 360 Controller.

Purchase Link:

Builds Download Link:…mR0am1QSjVjTDg

Final Build Alternative Download Link:!oh4EgYTC!xbu3UhXH8…AimpKjJUobC6eE

Tutorial Videos Link:…CIcSD7rEILZWqq
Be sure, that you have enabled the subtitles on the tutorial videos.

Tutorial Car Mesh Link:…FhtUmJQYTR0bkE

Tutorial Car Mesh Alternative Link:!o5Y2UJwL!4xzLJ51Jy…RzCtPEO85fCBO8
This is the car mesh that i have used in the tutorial videos, it’s available to download for free, so you can easily follow along with my tutorials.

If you like my project so far, then go check out the builds and the tutorial videos, also feel free to give me some feedback! :slight_smile:

Yesterday, i had some free time so i decided to make some Trigger Collisions for the car, but i think a have run into a “bug”.
It doesn’t matter which Collision Preset, or is it No Physics Collison, it will always work as it was a Collider.
But if i choose No Collision it doesn’t have any Collision Function nor Trigger Function.
Is there any fix for it?






try turning off “autoweld” for the trigger volume under the Physics Details category and then set it to overlap only or whatever collision type you’re after

Thanks for the information, it’s working now, tomorrow i can continue working on this project!

Hi, guys!
Sorry, that i am not adding too frequently posts from this project, but now i am!
Here are some images, from the tyre of the new car:






Also, some images from the map:




I have made the Triggers to work correctly so from now the car will deform on the crash location on the car not just randomly damaging the car.
Also the new car is an Fiat 500, also the finished version will not contain any emblems, and i will add a fictional name for the car.

Great stuff, looking forward to picking this up.

Thank you, i am doing my best! :slight_smile:

Looking great so far, I’m definitely going to keep my eye over this project.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I am working on the car interior right now, but before i can finish it i will need some sleep.

Hi, guys!
Here’s another update, from this project!
Also i have uploaded a new build to the above link it includes the new car. :slight_smile:
The new car is still in W.I.P. stage, also i have an minor problem with the front brake pads (doesn’t rotate along with the tyre), but that problem you will see it on the newest build yourself!
Here are some images, from the the new car, and also some pictures related to my above problem:




These images are from this project, i wanted to get the Z axis rotation from the front wheel’s, but i am not sure how can i get those from the animation blueprint to my car, could someone help me out? :slight_smile:




Make the steering wheel turn with the front wheels. Try to make the brake calipers (you said pads) children of steering pivots.

Thanks for the reply!
Yeah, with the pads i meant calipers, thanks for correcting me out, also i want to make the steering wheel rotate, after i am able to get the front wheels Z axis rotation from the animation blueprint, also on the 4 and 6 image, you can see that i am tried to cast it, but i don’t really know what should i insert to the “Object” pin.

Get the wheel angle in your vehicle BP then send it to your Anim BP with an interface. Check this post for more info:!)&p=275919&viewfull=1#post275919

its great work

Thanks for the kind words, i appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!
I got it working with the help of your thread, right now i got my steering wheel rotating and also my front brake calipers correctly, at least one of them.
I don’t know what could cause it, but the right one rotates with the wheel exactly, but the left one just won’t, it’s rotating into the wheel’s rim, so it’s just rotates a bit much.
I have tried to change it’s variable using a float*float node and change it’s second pin, if i lower it then if i turn the wheel to look right (i press right or d button) then, i can set a value that will make it look right, but if i turn the wheel to the opposite side it will look worse than on the beginning.
What could cause this problem?

It’s a bit hard to see but the calliper goes into the wheel’s rim.






It is probably caused by Ackermann accuracy. Set it to 0 in vehiclemovementcomponent and see if it works properly now. If it does, then you’ll have to follow the Timeline workflow instead of using steering angle.

Thanks for the info, it was the Ackermann accuracy.
About that timeline method, for what should i use it, for the steering wheel?
Because it works like before, i set Ackermann accuracy to zero but now all front brake calipers works, but without it just my steering wheel works.

Oh yeah, you’ll use the Timeline for the steering wheel rotation. For calipers however, you can do a lookat rotation system like the advanced vehicle BP i think.

Thanks for the help so far!
The timeline method won’t work/look too good, if i am using a gampad (have any value between -1,1) for that i would need much more timeline node, wouldn’t it be easier if i am using the value of “Get Steer Angel” with a “Clamp (Float)” node so the steering wheel rotate symmetrical?
Also i have sorted out the calipers problem, without the need to add any, Look At node or by setting the Ackermann accuracy to zero.
First you need to pull of two values from the wheels array because one for the left and another for the right (the left one, and the right one is always different if any Ackermann accuracy is applied).
Use the above mentioned two values on your desired bones! :slight_smile:




Hah! That’s smart. :slight_smile: And yeah, i suppose clamping would work too.
Thanks for sharing! Wish i could get back to my own vehicle now. :frowning: