Carpet Material (Realistic Render project)

I actually came from this thread, but its in a horrible location, I didn’t know if it would get replies if I bumped it.

I’m actually more curious about the last post here. In which the poster says that applying the material to other meshes resulted in a black unrendered material. I have that issue, and I’m not sure why. I also read the documentationon the project, but I didn’t want a rug, I wanted a room to be covered. So for my mesh, I just unwrapped a plane that will be the floor, and raised up a few more so the 4 planes were layered, with all the same material. Nothing to complex, just 4 stacked quads, not a tessellated mesh like the rug in the realistic render project. I copied the required assets, (textures and such) to my project, adjusted the material to use the textures, but when I applied the material to my mesh, it too is also black. Looks more like a shaggy rug soaked in oil. Even opening up the realistic rendering project and applying the same rug material to everything, I still get a black texture. So I guess I don’t quite grasp the understanding of whats going on.


If you guys don’t mind showing me what’s wrong here. I’d love to copy this technique for entire floors to make it look like carpet. Thanks

If you take a close look at the static mesh that the carpet material is applied to, you will see that it is made of multiple layers, and has vertex colors applied to them, this is how the effect is achieved and why you are not getting the expected results when applying to other objects.

I knew there were multiple layers, thats described in the documentation. I understand that. The material uses 4 offset layers, and the mesh has 4 layers, resulting in a carpet that has “16” layers. Thats how the documentation explains it. I got that, and my mesh has 4 layers too. But how do the vertex colors affect the material though? That was not mentioned in Epic’s write up on that project.

Looking at the physical mesh…

The four layers get progressively darker, to simulate depth and shadow, until it reaches the bottom, which is the standard diffuse texture. When I created my mesh with multiple layers, the bottom texture is black, while the others also seem black, and I’m not sure they are even transparent like the above image.

hi there ,
How do you save your mesh with 4 different layers ? from Maya or 3DS max ?

It’s not different layers you need to save, it’s the vertex colors. For instance, one layer might be painted in the red channel, one in the blue channel and one in the green channel. The material then assigns different values to those vertices that have those different colours, resulting in different material properties for the different mesh layers (when I write “layers” I mean the different meshes you build the carpet mesh with).

Interesting the carpet model is made up of 5 layers of the same mesh with a one black vertex layer on top, three red vertex layers in the middle and one final blue vertex layer at the bottom.

Hi, I am new 3D designer and I am here through Google Australia and searching for the shag rug and I really like the first one in a photo. Are you guys designer or what?

It’s a sample Project from Unreal Engine called ‘Realistic Rendering’. you may find that ‘Learn’ tab from the Unreal Launcher.

Thank you so much. I have been looking for this information