Care and feeding of USaveGame

Hi guys, a few questions I didn’t see documented anywhere:

1.) Are only the UPROPERTY-marked fields inside the USaveGame class serialized?
2.) Can the system serialize TArrays? (i.e. does the class have to have an apriori fixed size? it seems to handle FStrings so it must be dynamic in some ways)

I’d like to have a bunch of data in structs and then have an array of those, i.e. an array of data for each player character, and each character has things like XP, weapon loadouts, etc. So far it appears that anything inside my TArray doesn’t get written out to the file. The documentation only goes over the very simplest of cases (saving a single int etc.)


dave grace

Figured it out. The trick is that you can have TArrays of structs that are defined with USTRUCT syntax, like:

struct FSaveGameCharInfo

   UPROPERTY() int32 XP;

class TRONGAME_API UMySaveGame : public USaveGame

	UPROPERTY()	TArray Chars;


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Sure, I thought it was public already. Cheers!