Cardbox VR app crashes immediately on ios ue 4.13

I made a simple project for testing VR (google cardbox) this project runs fine on android but on IOS (iphone 6+) it crashes immediately after lauch…

I XXXX’ed private information:

Projectlaunch log:

CommandUtils.Run: Run: /usr/bin/env /usr/bin/instruments -w ‘56c1a7c0396c91c1bfd6b632d6e76ab65d1826fc’ -t ‘Activity Monitor’ -D “/XXXXX…/StagedBuilds/IOS/launch.trace” ‘XXXXX’
LogPlayLevel: env: 2016-09-11 16:52:16.368 instruments[48969:700827] WebKit Threading Violation - initial use of WebKit from a secondary thread.
LogPlayLevel: env: Instruments Trace Complete (Duration : 2.263797s; Output : XXXXX…/StagedBuilds/IOS/launch.trace)
LogPlayLevel: Deleting XXXXX…/StagedBuilds/IOS/launch.trace
LogPlayLevel: Project.Run: ********** RUN COMMAND COMPLETED **********
LogPlayLevel: Automation.Execute: BUILD SUCCESSFUL
LogPlayLevel: Completed Launch On Stage: Run Task, Time: 3.552106
LogPlayLevel: Program.Main: AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=0 (Success)

Crash log:

Incident Identifier: 031D789E-A4F1-44DC-9225-5A81F399925D
CrashReporter Key: 393c5691760099518d5fdec6fd5f1c1dc21b770e
Hardware Model: iPhone8,2
Process: XXXXX [529]
Path: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/F34CE3E7-B444-435F-84C6-7778D5CE2B0E/
Identifier: XXXXX
Version: 0.11 (1.0)
Code Type: ARM (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]

Date/Time: 2016-09-11 16:37:16.16 +0200
Launch Time: 2016-09-11 16:37:14.14 +0200
OS Version: iOS 9.3.2 (13F69)
Report Version: 105

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
Triggered by Thread: 0

Filtered syslog:
None found

Last Exception Backtrace:
0 CoreFoundation 0x23cadb0b __exceptionPreprocess + 127
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x2346adff objc_exception_throw + 38
2 CoreFoundation 0x23cad9e1 +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 104
3 Foundation 0x2449473b -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:] + 90


This has already been reported here and you can follow the status of the ticket here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35334)

Thank you!


This is not the same error. No fonts are loaded at my project.

I’ve created an empty project . works fine without google vr plugin enabled. As soon as I enable it i get the crash after the splashscreen.

WebKit Threading Violation - initial use of WebKit from a secondary thread

Can you please provide detailed steps to recreate the issue or attach a simple test project that can reproduce the issue?


  1. create empty project. launch on IOS (iphone 6+). all is fine and working. (ue 4.13 on Macbook)
  2. enable google vr plugin and restart
  3. launch on IOS, crash

I’ve attached the project zipped up.

link text


create empty project. launch on IOS (iphone 6+). all is fine and working. (ue 4.13 on Macbook)

enable google vr plugin and restart

launch on IOS, crash

I’ve attached the project zipped the next comment

Hi Tim,
any confirmation on if this is an issue or not?

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been having trouble with iOS on my end that I’m trying to resolve. I’ll update soon with what i find though. Thanks for your patience.

After getting my iOS issues resolved when I deploy the project you’ve provided to the Iphone 6S+ I have that is running OS version 9.3.5 the app doesn’t crash for me.

Can you attach the full project log you have here and possibly the .ipa from the test project you had above? I can resign the ipa and deploy to my iphone here to see if I get the same crash.


This happens to me when I add “Support arm64”, if just armv7 is checked the app works, but iTunes requires arm64, we can’t publish right now. Is there any solution?

I am having the same problemwith an app i am suppossed to be publishing now. Apparently there is no workaround, and the target version for resolving this issue is 4.16.

Bad news, 4.16 has the same problem, even 4.16.2. Development iOS version runs okay, but shipping version crashes on launch with GoogleVR plugin enabled. I have been looking for workarounds of this problem for a week and didn’t find anything useful yet (