Car is not working

://www.filedropper/gt86 file to mesh

What exactly is not working? :slight_smile:

The camera get rotated 90 degrees and the car is not moving

The file that you have uploaded is just a mesh, so you will have to modify the bp to get the right result
The best thing is when you just follow this video series: ?v=9ariPx6M33o :slight_smile:

In what particular way i have the movement setup

What software the car was made with?

Rotate the camera, check if every event fires, change some speed values,…actually many things could be wrong that you will have to change to get it to work -> so the easiest way is to follow the tutorial that I posted above or post us some pics of your blueprint setup + a description

When i set the Wheels on the car to kinematic it flyes all over the Place

When you set the collision body on the root bone, which direction it’s local Z axis is directed in?

I belive the z is the green one and the green one is to the right

22b0b58e72fec14fe25cc47a3572619faa92c33b.jpeg Here is the physic asset it seems like having the root bone in 0.0.0 does not affect anything so i have it up there

if the car flys off that normally means the rig is aligned wrong and the root bone/joint is not at 0,0,0
correct these and it should be fine
x axis must be forward and the z axis must be up , these need to be set in your 3d program before they are exported

Nope, i’s blue and it HAS to be directed UP. And the X (red) axis - towards the car’s direction. Did you made the car in Blender?

I think i have located the problem i first have when i dindt move the bone up, my Wheels are not perfectly on the ground

So when i spawned in With my v\car it was like a capsule was a litte under the Wheels so i couldent drive

But how do i get the Wheels in the excact posision

Tested With the mesh corrected still the same problem its flying all over the Place

as mentioned that issue is caused by the root bone/joint not being alinged and at 0,0,0 before you export to ue4.

you can’t change it in ue4 it won’t help

I changed it in 3dmax