Capturing Stereoscopic 360

Hello everyone,

Last two days I have been trying to export the decent 360 video using existing Stereoscopic plugin. However, I can’t find the proper properties to make it look good and at the same time render at reasonable time. I tried with different properties and numbers for the command lines like Horizontal/Vertical Angular Increment, Capture Horizontal FOV, Concurrent Captures and the Step Capture Width but it seems I can not find proper numbers. Besides long render times, I also have some problems that can be seen in the picture below, like strange lines on every image sequence, or strange behavior with the water in my scene.

Did anyone managed to find good numbers for the command lines that produces decent quality with reasonable render times? I have GTX 970, 16 GB of RAM and i7 4790.


I have the horizontal lines too. Even in the demo image on the UE4 page they have horizontal lines.