Capturing live VR Footage to Video - Best Practices?

We’re creating video footage to showcase our VR application on e.g. YouTube, but are uncertain about how to best capture our live VR footage. The spectator screen has a low resolution and there doesn’t seem to be an option to change that (?). Just wondering… how do you guys capture footage from your VR stuff? Is there a guide somewhere? Best practices? Googled it…, but didn’t find anything conclusive.

I use OBS Studio with OpenVR input plugin. It’s free and allow to select capturing rectangle.

Thanks for your answer. Does OBS with the OpenVR plugin allow adjustable display resolutions?

It captures the highest possible resolution from VR output by default. It’s lower then actual Full HD of course, but much better then in default spectator screen. The only way to capture real 1080p is to attach SceneCapture2D Component to VR camera and use its output texture in spectator screen. It’s very performance demanding.

I can also recommend using Nvidia ShadowPlay (if avaiable to you).
It captures your game or desktop without a noticeable performance impact.
Only drawback i see right now is that you need a login for the current version of the nvidia driver, which is kinda stupid.
But there are some “workarounds” on the web.