Capturing a pure colour image


I am making a panoramic render from a scene in Unreal. I have captured the necessary cubes to render the image but I want to add collision detection and for this I need to capture some collision areas as pure colour images.

I am able to use a CaptureComponent2D to capture just the collision areas but I can’t seem to avoid shading. What I’ve done is create an instance of a material and set its colour to be based on the index of the collision shape, I then render this with the CaptureComponent2D but the resulting images aren’t the pure colour I am looking for. Is there a way I can just write a pure colour to the render texture so that my indexes end up in the output image?

To answer my own question, I needed to go to the Render Texture’s advanced options and turn off the downsampling of the image which causes a pure on/off for the output rather than a sampled output where edge pixels are semi-transparent and have very slightly different colours.

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