Capture Cube Recording.

I have no clue what I am doing but I am curious before I keep going is there a way to record a video from the capture cube, or export each frame of what the capture cube is capturing. I mean you can sit there and watch the capture cube update every frame. Which albeit a bit low quality does give you a 360 camera, if there was a way to export it, it would be a cheap and dirty solution to recording 360 videos. I keep finding parts of the puzzle that work, but never am able to connect them due to conversion reasons. As my other post said I tried macro recorders, they do not work with Ansel, and I tried the panorama thingy which never bloody worked for me at all even a tiny bit. I have no money for a tutorial. So I resorted to building my own shoddy thing with what people call twisted logic. All that really needs to happen is to have a blueprint set up, to record the cube camera into a sequencer since the other method of recording that camera only records a normal camera.Taking what the camera is outputting into the capture every frame and exporting it would be nice but I do not see that button.