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Arkose Labs Captcha?
What is this nonsense?
I have to solve 10 mouse and cheese puzzles just to log into my account?
What professional, with important things to get done, has time for this nonsense?

I know you’re trying to be cute and appeal to children, but this is absurd.
This is definitely a huge turn off and I would highly suggest your team to come up with another way of logging in.

Not only did I waste time trying to solve those puzzles, but I’m wasting time typing up my complaint in your forum.


I’ve run into this pita captcha too. Started this year, seems like users are randomly selected…

But it could also be country or region based as well. What part of the world are you living in?
The audio captchas appear somewhat easier to get passed first time around versus images.

BTW: Since 2017 Epic DGAF. They’re a little busy out buying mansions / lambos right now. :rolleyes:
So the chances of anyone reading this never mind taking the time to reply is around 0.001%.

I’m located in the United States.

I actually switched to the audio ones, not a single one worked.
That’s why I had to do 10 puzzles I guess because I failed the audio portion.

Definitely the most infuriating thing I’ve come across in any software.
Makes me want to just stick with Unity.

Yes, I agree with you.
Unreal 3 days had better responses.

Hey folks!

Sorry to hear you’re encountering difficult security challenges. I’m the security engineer in charge of deploying and managing our captcha solution and would like to collect some feedback to improve our product.

Can you please send an email to with the following information:

  1. What were you trying to do when you got the security challenge?
  2. What device were you on when you got the challenge?
  3. What was your public IP address when you got the challenge?

If you get another difficult challenge or can reproduce this reliably please send me a screenshot of the top right hand corner of the puzzle, it has an identifier we can use to see why it was so hard.

I promise we read your feedback more than you think! Please keep sending it :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Tried opting out of this feature for rather obvious reasons but found no way of doing so.
Please tell us where we can disable it or if there is no such option yet please disable it for me (and those that ask for that),

I’m fine with the email authentication (which is far more superior/reliable anyways).

Thank you!

In hope BCBee will read this, I will give some feedback.
The challenge in itself is not difficult to solve (we are not idiots, especially not us programmers). The captcha simply takes too long to solve (just in mouse clicks alone) and it is highly frustrating that someone even considered using this on a platform where people actually do some work (not just playing games and not used only be children and teenagers). Maybe you as a security engineer find this kind of a login process a good and hacker-proof solution, but it most certainly is not a good user experience. And it is sad that this got approved by any professional UX or QA person. Or that it even was ok with a programmer who implemented it.

they have it down to one question today about a rhino being upright but still it’s a ridiculous thing they need to just stop doing. i’f we are signing in to our own accounts, there doesn’t need to be an ‘are you a human’ test.

how about read the posts complaints. we are ALL saying it is when we are trying to sign into our own accounts. implementing this was a very dumb thing to do when people have little time to waste on badly thought out captcha like this rollout was.

Please forsake disable that captcha terror inside launcher, drives me crazy.


who the fck is the cnt that came up with the genius idea that 10 dice challenge before every f*cking login and purchase is a good idea???

20 dice challenges in a row. 5 seconds to solve each. The audio challenge is always incorrect. Clearing the site cache helped me to change to searching penguins. Why is it so heavy?

Captcha not working
audio not working epic.PNG.jpg


So says Epic staff who haven’t logged-in for months since posting that. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, login has become more problematic this year (beyond Arkose-Labs). Epic have doubled the # of cookies, which is part of the issue. Now there’s too many errors like this one below, or a *spinning blue icon *instead of a working log-in button! :wink:

First, every day I’m being logged out from Forums, Answers and Learn for no reason and now it ask for Captcha every single time.
This is highly frustrating.

Edit: And when I log-in back, I’m given respective service home page, not the page I was on, which is far from ideal.

My Christmas wish For EPIC to 2021: Faster launcher, no more captcha frustrations, faster and even easier UE5 features that makes world creation & composition and lighting learning a breeze, UE5 with even more optimized modular codebase. Unreal is future for millions of people around world from schools to serious game producers thanks to full engine to everyone. Just please make login & launcher more faster, lighter and robust against firewalls and unstable connections.

This captcha is still there. Find the set of dices that sums up to 14 out of six images… repeat 10 times to solve the captch. Just repeated this procedure three times because the login window of the playnite import somehow forget that the captcha was solved. I don’t get the sense behind this captcha. Why can’t you use working solutions as recaptcha or similiar?