Capsule shadow on destructible mesh

I saw in the property of the destructible mesh that is possible to apply a physic asset shadow ( capsule shadow ).

I tried to :

  • export my DM to 3d software and re import it as skeletal mesh, in order to create a physical asset shadow from the skeletal mesh.

But I have no result, the capsule shadow is still missing.

Is it possible to create a physics asset directly in UE4 for Destructible mesh? ( like skeletal mesh ) or what is the procedure in order to create capsule shadow for destructible mesh ?

Other question ; is there a console command in order to visualize the capsule shadow during the play ?


Thanks for the rapid response. So I will use an other method.

Hi Fourche,

Destructibles do not use Capsule Shadows. These will currently only work with Skeletal Mesh actors and requires that Capsule Indirect Shadows or Capsule Direct Shadows be enabled via the Details panel in the level. Destructibles are a form of skeletal mesh so this was likely not intended to show up here.

I’ve entered a ticket to call this out to remove any confusion it may cause. You can follow status of the ticket if you need here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34508)

Thank you!