Canvas Render Target 2D Tutorial

Can someone please make a tutorial on this? It’s not very clear how we can use canvases and create materials so that we can display canvases on objects.

I just want to draw some shapes on a render target using a canvas and display it on objects in the level.

Still waiting.

Hey alperenakyuz,

This feature was introduce pre-UMG implementation. Essentially what it allows you to do is draw Canvas UI straight to a texture, and then map that texture to objects in your scene. This is an early form of creating HUD elements. In order to use the feature you are going to want to create a Canvas Render Target 2D Blueprint. From there you can call it to update the resource and draw an element to the HUD with specific instructions like size, orientation, and location.

Canvas Render Target 2D - Blueprint

The image above is within the blueprint itself.

First Person HUD - Blueprint

This is being done within the First Person HUD Blueprint. Hopefully this gets you started, but let us know if you have further questions. Keep in mind, there are now much easier ways to draw things to the HUD. I would recommend UMG as a good resource and feature.