Can't use reflection probes with Distance Field AO enabled?

Hey guys!

I’ve been using a Stationary Skylight with cast shadows off to generate a basic ambient cubemap for my scene. However, since I switched to a Movable Skylight with Cast shadows On (so I can use distance field AO), I don’t get any skylight reflections or reflection captures on my materials, EXCEPT translucent ones.

Here’s a simple material (0.5 diffuse color, 1 metalness and 0 roughness):

Notice how a translucent material doesn’t get affected by this change:

Is this is a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Currently reflection captures work with static lighting only.

Aww that’s a bummer! Any plans to get them in anytime soon?

They’re not expected to work together as one requires static scenes (reflection captures) while the other supports dynamic scenes. But you need something for local reflections with a dynamic scene, and often a wrong (out of date) reflection is better than no local reflection.

It’s possible to fix this and something I’ll probably do when I get a chance.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up Daniel!

yeah. this is definitely needed. DFAO is an amazing feature. Not being able to use reflection probe with it or have an alternative would be a disappointment.

I was told over at the UDN that if you have “force no precomputed lighting” set the reflections wont work anymore because they need lightmaps to be mixed with.
HOWEVER, I was also told that if you deactivate “reflection environment lightmap mixing” it should work.

Sadly, this is not true. I tried everything and I am not getting any reflections as well. Would be cool if this could be fixed since the whole rendering system for materials doesnt work with SSR only. So basically you cant use dynamic setups right now because of the missing reflection environment.

I remember that this was working at the office in earlier builds (like December QA) but since the subscription version its not working anymore :frowning:

btw this is now supported in 4.5 - reflection captures work with a Movable Skylight. It’s a bit of an odd combination - as reflection captures are static lighting (they don’t get recaptured at runtime) while Movable skylight is fully dynamic, but it works now.