Cant use PlayInEditor with multiple clients

Is there some trick to using multiple clients with PlayInEditor??
I’ve tried doing exactly the steps detailed in the BluePrint Networking I tutorial videos


I get 2 windows, but only the server window is functional, the 2nd client is just a half blue/half black screen, and there is only 1 pawn/actor in the game world. This problem seems to exist for all the starter projects (1st person BP, 3rd person DP, 3rd person C++, etc). Although the ShooterGame demo works fine.

notes: this is on UE 4.0.2… Both the downloaded/installed version & a compiled UE4Editor.exe from source have this problem. Im able to repro this problem on 2 seperate machines

Please help

Hi, this is unfortunately a bug in the current release. In the short term, you can fix your client window by just bringing up the console (~) and typing ‘reconnect’.

The root cause is the default code for finding player spawn spots. The client tries to spawn at the first player spot, fails, and then fails to retry. This thread covers how to fix this, but you will need to override some C++ functions:

We should have a better fix in a future release.