Can't use ARKitCameraMaterial as ground material to receive dynamic shadow in AR

1.I’m using 4.21 for ARKit developing.

2.I am using ARKitCameraMaterial as ground material to receive dynamic shadow in AR, just like the following guide. #Getting Started With ARKit In Unreal Engine 4

Then the problem 1: the material which called “ARKitCameraMaterial” is not a unlit material after 4.20, so we can’t rendering it on a surface under the object to fake the ground which can receive dynamic shadow.

The problem 2: when i use ScreenPosition UV to modify “ARKitCameraMaterial”, it shows wrong UV scale on the divices.

Also there is a post talking about this problem:link text, but it’s still unresovled.

Here is how you repeat this problem: 1.Create and open the Template Project Handheld AR in 4.21.2 (same in 4.20\4.22p) the Apple ARKit plugins enabled.

2.Open BP_Placeable

3.Add a plane under the object.

4.Make a copy of ARKitCameraMaterial.

5.Open the copy and edit nodes like this. (Photo3)

6.Put this modified material on the plane.

7.Save all, Launch it to the Device (My phone is iPhoneX) and test.

Here is the screenshot from my test:

It’s clearly shows a bug is making the ARKit Passthough Camera Texture display wrong UV on the plane; To fix this problem, we might need a node to crop the UVs properly, just like ARcore that Google provided a node can gives us the right UVs.

On the other hand, please allow ARKitCameraMaterial to receive dynamic shadow, it’s really important to Improve realism in AR.

Hi, did you manage to find a solution for this already?

I would also like to know this, currently using faked decal shadows.

Hi I’m having the same problem, and I was wondering if you found a solution. Sadly I had a deadline to make a prototype so I temporarily switched to Unity and I got a nice dynamic shadow there no problem. But Unity’s animation system is not quite… Unreal. I wish I could bring the project back to Unreal as soon as this problem solved.

This person got it working on ARkit and gave a little information that might help:

(note if you get a 404 you need to link your epic account to git: Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine )