cant understand uv offset

from what i saw on a youtube tutorial, for texture coordinate origin starts from the upper left-hand corner. from left to right, u scales from 0 to 1, and v from top to bottom. now for any texture, if I add let’s say 0.2 to u, it should shift to right cuz u scales 0-1 from left to right but is shifted to left in every question and video I have watched and tried myself as well. Why?

The UV shifts right, but the image shifts left. The far left was 0, and it becomes 0.2, so the part of the image that was at 0.2 now shifts to 0.


If you have any 3D software like Blender and such, you can open a model’s UV unwrap and see it in real time. If you move the UV unwrap right, the texture on the model shifts left and vice versa.