Can't trigger Event ActorBeginOverlap with Motion Controllers

I just begun looking into UE4 / VR stuff and I have the following problem.
I can’t trigger any ActorBeginOverlap events with a tracked motion controller and an actor.

Things currently working:

  • Motion controllers get tracked
  • I can spawn stuff at motion controller position (no offset)
  • Actor triggers on overlap event with other stuff touching it

Setup of MotionController:

  • Both controllers are inside a VR_Pawn
  • Each Controller has its own MotionControllerComponent with a static mesh (which has a collision box)
  • Collision of MotionController Component is currently “Block all”, tried with other stuff e.g. “Overlap all”
  • Each MotionController Component has a respective tag “lefthand” or “righthand”
  • Checkbox “Generate Overlap Events” is checked

Setup Actor:

  • Actor has a static mesh with collision
  • Collsion of actor is block all
  • Checkbox “Generate Overlap Events” is checked

Blueprint of actor for collision:

Despite both on being “block all” the controllers just clip through the object. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen.
Any advice on how to get the event triggering would be appreciated. If you need further information please just ask.

best regards,

So it seems that to get overlap events, the mesh that is doing the testing needs to have it’s “Collision Presets” set to Trigger in addition to having the “Generate Overlap Events” being set. This is also broken in Epic’s own Content Examples, explaining why none of the VR examples work (I suppose they may work for Oculus - who knows).