cant test VR with Vive properly


I have a “mixed” application which starts in normal desktop mode, then I toggle VR mode with console commands.
My problem is, I can not test my app effectively because

VR Mode (Alt-V) shows only the current level in VR mode, but I need test the whole application with my loaded settings, etc (I setup things in menu level before entering VR)

VR seems doesnt work in standalone mode (log shows its not supported)

Play in Viewport doesnt respond to VR console commands (no error but nothing happens, Vive gives calibration screen)

Atm it ONLY works properly if I make a final packaged build, but it requires a lot of time, so I need wait 15-20 minutes to test one change in my app :frowning:

Any solution for this? The best would be if standalone mode would support VR as it is the best simulation how the final app will work.


You can launch the game if you select your Project → right click → launch game, but I am not sure if this works

Just to clarify: Alt-V launches the “VR Editor”, I’d say “VR Mode” would be the same as “VR Preview”

Which console commands are you using to activate/deactivate VR?

try using “stereo on” for VR

Hello, thanks for your answer. I use the following commands to switch (I found the howto maybe here on unrealanswers):

its there and called “vr.bEnableStereo”

again, my problem is not that the above doesnt work at all, it works, but only in packaged build which makes testing very uneffective.

So any hope that VR switching could work in standalone mode in any future UE4 version? :slight_smile:
Or Play in Viewport at least… (that also would help in debugging)

Standalone VR support has been gone since 4.10, so I’d say hopes are low for an immediate fix. I think this has to do with how the editor ‘takes control’ of the VR headset while running.

Work on VR is ongoing, so perhaps this use case will be accounted for. Trello