Can't teleport to non static meshes

I’m using the 4.27 XR template.

I’m moving a platform up and down using a timeline. I changed the object type to world static even though it is movable (because of the destination object type check). Unfortunately it seems to be using a static navigation map because when I move the platform up dynamically I can still teleport to where it started, even though it isn’t there anymore. When I ride it up to the top I can’t teleport back onto it since the arc goes right through it. So I’m guessing it is limiting me to the static location at the start of the game. Not sure how to make this dynamic or if it is even possible.

As far as I know, Unreal does not support movable navigation maps. You will likely have to write a custom system to handle teleporting onto moving objects.

You can change the navigation mesh to be dynamic as such:

But I would recommend to adjust the logic and use a specific collision profile to determine where the pawn can teleport to instead.

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I tried to add World Dynamic to the array of possible object types. Unfortunately this seemed to break teleporting, but if it had worked would that have been the place to make the change?

I’ll try the dynamic nav mesh! I guess reasons to not do this are performance reasons?

Why does UE4 still use navmeshes for VR teleportation, if you dont me asking?

You can use any form of VR teleportation in UE, but the VR Template is set up with Nav mesh as the default. Main reason is that it “just works” across different projects and maps without having to work with collision profiles. It’s the least amount of friction for 90% of use-cases, and easy to customize if you require more complex/specific behavior.

Edit: I should also note that the NavMesh method by default has “forgiveness” to it. You can try it in the VR Template by aiming at any of the cubes or walls. Even if you’re aiming at the base of the wall itself and not the floor, you can still teleport. That would require some custom logic to implement, but with the NavMesh we simply use the ProjectPointToNavigation-function.

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That’s all fair enough, it could just be me; I’ve always found navmeshes to be fiddly and inconsistent. I developed a method that just looks for flat static mesh surfaces that I typically use these days. Or the VR Cookbook method(s) with teleport points, spline-based teleport zones and box teleport zones, which seem, to me, to be much more flexible.