Can't Spawn Motion Controller Pawn

I have this question up in BP, but I just noticed there is a VR section, so i am going to ask here and go remove the questions from over there (in case anyone is wondering why there are same questions out there).

I am not sure if one can spawn the motion controller pawn in VR. I’ve tried and either it don’t work or I am doing it wrong. Here is a screen shot.

Also what bugs me is a lot of people are using “player start” in VR. I can not. It literally will not function unless I put the motion controller pawn in the level. This is why I am questioning if spawn actor from class will work.

Do you mean showing your controllers in VR? What set do you use?

No, it was the fact I didn’t add “Enable Input”. Now it spawns. I am working with Oculus Quest. My new problem with the spawn is the Motion Controller Pawn rotation wont function. The spawn box(BPActor) has an arrow component on it, and it shows pointing away from door. But on spawn, I am facing the door. As you see in my BP, I have get spawn box world rotation and feed it in. But the player will not rotate.