Can't set Max Draw Distance in UE4.20 and 4.21

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UE4.20 started to bug with ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’ and ‘Current Max Draw Distance’. The later one property is always grayed out but it is the one which actually affects rendering.
Changing ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’ manually does not change ‘Current Max Draw Distance’ all the time.

In the test project provided, here are the cases when it works:

  1. For object ‘Floor2’, you can see that ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’ is set to 10000 but ‘Current Max Draw Distance’ remained 100 from previous edits.
  2. You can’t change it to, let’s say, 5000 immediately: first, you should change it to 0, then to 5000. Doing so will make your changes take effect.

That’s quite stupid workaround - you always have to type ‘0’ first, then type new value.

Case when I can’t find workaround - Instanced Static Meshes component (probably, any component) inside blueprint.
In map provided:

  1. There is a ‘NewBlueprint’ object with two ISM components, which have a few instances added.
  2. You can’t change their ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’ in any reasonable way - it changes only very first time, then it won’t change in 99% of attempts.
  3. When it does change, and this is actually crazy, is when you drag ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’ by mouse. Even in this case it is very buggy and does not follow your changes precisely.

I hate reviving old threads, but unfortunately it has been happening to me too.

Same here, and it is very strange and unproductive when dealing with lots of actors.

I also have a problem with ‘Desired Max Draw Distance’.
When I changed this for Landscape, I don’t see it in game. But when I returned to 0, it continue to be hided.

In a blueprint, I made it into the consturction script and it worked

There is this bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-66032)