Can't select mesh in mesh editor (Can only select edges) URGENT!

Hi, I am trying to scale down my mesh in the static mesh editor but I can’t select the entire mesh in order to scale it down, I can only select the edges. This only seems to of happened since 4.16


Same thing happens to me in UE 4.15.3: in “Mesh Editor” I can only select edges of the mesh, but not the mesh itself.

If this is urgent, then might I suggest scaling it using the import settings?

Assuming this is the 1M_Cube asset that comes with the engine; you should be able to export it, then reimport it and reduce the scale that way.

As for the issue with the mesh editor, I’m afraid I have next to no experience with it.

Edit: Ah, I just noticed the date… looks like someone resurrected a zombie post :wink: