Can't select blueprint extending C++ class in class defaults

I have a c++ class containing 2 TArrays and extended it with a blueprint to edit easiliy the defaults values. After having created my blueprint, I tried to select it from the drop-down menu in one of my other blueprints, but it didn’t show up. Here is the code in my header file extended by the container blueprint :

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = "Lullaby : Plants")

UCropParamsMap* CropParamsMap;

In the blueprint that I try to reference, I can clearly see the “Parent class : CropParamsMap” in the top right of the blueprint editor. This uclass is also specified as “Blueprintable”.

I think that the editor is not considering the blueprint as an instance of the UCropParamsMap class, but I am not sure.


Just to make sure I understand what you’re attempting, you have a blueprint based on a custom class where the 2 arrays are defined. You also have a second class that has a pointer to your first class. Then, from a blueprint of the second class, you attempt to reference the first in order to use the arrays, is that correct?

Hey ,

Thanks for the quick answer! Yes that’s exactly it.

When using the syntax described in your original post, the drop-down list will only populate with instances of the specified class that are present in the viewport. If you want to set your pointer to the blueprint itself rather than a specific instance of the blueprint, you’ll want to use TSubclassOf rather than UCropParamsMap*.


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Can’t believe I forgot that! For some reason I thought blueprints were considered to be instances of the base class. What I’ll do is simply change the type to TSubclassOf and create an instance of the class at runtime.

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