Can't seem to have AO

Hi guys,

I have an indoor environment that I’m working on, for some reason the AO is just completely white, also for materials, and I’m certainly using AO in my materials.

Am I missing a checkbox somewhere to enable it?

The white image is what I get for both AO buffer visualization as well as material AO

keep in mind there is a difference between “ambient occlusion” and “material ambient occlusion”. are you sure you are looking at the 2nd one?

Also, AO is only applied to indirect lighting.

It’s a weird problem I’ve noticed as well, having an AO map plugged into the material still shows up as completely white in the buffer visualization view mode for it.

I think the Material AO Channel no longer feeds into the buffer visualization. In the “normal” AO buffer visualization i got the AO from my Material.

The image I attached show what I get for both AO and Material AO, just completely white.
I’ve also checked sample projects; “realistic rendering” and the “sun temple”, both AO passes are just completely white…so I’m not sure if that’s something in the engine version, or just in my install? Running 4.12.5

The visualization mode may be broken, but you should be able to see Material AO if you place a stationary skylight in the level. It is normally meant to only work with static lighting so with a static skylight you will have to rebuild to see it.

I just tested it out and it worked with a stationary skylight here even without rebuilding.