Can't see the particles in matinee.

Ok so I’m not really sure whats wrong with my scene, But I created a scene with some particles taken from the effects demo, and scattered them along my cave.Then i did set up a matinee with an animated camera.

My camera is going through the entrance of a cave to the end of it. It’s all perfect in the editor, however when i try to render matinee i see only the the particle instances that are in the beginning, at the entrance.

All the rest of the scene appears empty (no particles at all) . When i just scroll through matinee, or just play it, it’s all good. But once i record a matinee some of the particles just disappear. When i play the level in the editor it’s even worse, because most of the particles are not visible at all.

I did try to play with maxParticlesPerFrame cound for both CPU and GPU particles. I made sure that my particles don’t reach the count limits. I did try to make a fixed bounds but nothing seems to be working at all.

But since it doesn’t happen to the fire for example, I’m assuming something is wrong with those assets from effects scene, or I’m doing something wrong.

Assets I’m using are P_Blizzard and P_SnowFlare

And here’s the screenshot

Would appreciate any suggestions,

show us your matinee

Here it is :slight_smile: But once again i do see particles but only at the beginning of the cave where the camera start point is. In other words only the first emitters that camera goes close to - do work. The other onces deeper in the scene - don’t work for some reason.