Can't see .bmp and .tga files as Layer files

For example, I’m trying to import this .bmp file as Layer file for a Landscape.

SlopeNew.bmp (772 KB)

With these options:


And I get this …


Try saving as png

You don’t seem to understand how Landscapes work.

The Layer Info is extracted from your Material (Layer Blend Node in Material) and contains the painted data.
To import a Info, you have to do this when creating a Landscape with an assigned Material. UNder Layers you can see the Layers in your Material and you can then import a file.

€dit: My bad. You can indeed not import bmps. only png and raw/r8

Use r16 for base heightmap and stick with png for layer data. If you use raw8, it will bug out a lot and tell you that it doesn’t match the landscape size. Try it some time: right click a layer, that has layer weight info on it, export to file r8 and then try to import from that file. I’ve never gotten it to reimport again on 4.15.2.

Pretty good :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is my first time with landscape … You’re right about .png

I was following this tutorial where you work all the time with a .bmp image. At the moment of importing it, it changes to .png but the video is cut.