can't save texture

Hello everyone,
after moving my project to an external drive to continue working with another computer, it is no longer possible to save textures in the texture editor.
is it possible to recover the project? or do I have to rebuild it from scratch?

  • I tried to delete the “DerivedDataCache” folders in the “appdata” folder
  • I checked that the files are not “read only”
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I think your source textures are still on your other original hard-drive. So when you try to save the texture, it is looking for the source texture. If these textures are on the hard-drive and are referenced, will it then work?

Hello! Thanks for the reply! I state that I am not an expert, so I could omit relevant details in the description.
I copied the textures in the current folder of the project and in fact when I press “re-import” it is loaded and displayed correctly both in the material and in the viewport.
it seems to me that the problem is in the asset that is generated by the texture editor. in fact as soon as I try to save the asset the texture disappears both in the texture editor and in the viewport.
anyway, for safety, I’ll do another check on the texture path. but I think it is pointing right on the folder within the current project.

still same problem after a fresh install.
any idea?

Actually it has to do with Oodle texture plugin requiring a shader model that might not be supported by your CPU

This has to do with the oodle texture plugin which is not allowing any imported textures to load. I think it has to do with source conflict.
It resolves if you disable the oodle plugins in Edit - Plugins (search for oodle)
I found this workaround here,

Answer from [SilVerus6x6]