Can't Save Materials?

Hi everyone. I recently started using Unreal Engine and I’m trying to export models from Cinema 4D to UE4. I imported my first model a few days ago, and I’ve been experiencing some lag issues with materials since. I’ve noticed that the model itself causes no issues, but that the materials freeze the engine when I try to save them. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing this problem and I haven’t found anyone else having the same issue. Any ideas on what to do? I’m using 4.8.1.

Hmm, sounds strange. How do you save them?

e.g when you make any changes in the material, you have to press the big green button to compile them + after that you can click on save. When you dont press the green button before you save, it could take a while till it gets saved, because then it will automatically compile the material :slight_smile:

The model is saved in .fbx format. I do press “Apply” before saving and the same issue occurs. It seems to be that once the materials are loaded that the lag starts.