Can't run my packaged project on other PCs

Did they install the msi found at Engine - Extras - Redist - en-us - UE4PrereqSetup.msi?

Hi, I have a problem.

I have done a project and packaged it for windows (Shipping) and sent it to two friends, but they can’t run it…
All the time they receive this error: “The application failed to start correctly (0xc000007b)”. They have installed the Visual C++ 2013, and they have all the drivers up to date. So, What could be the problem? I have tried all kind of packaging methods (Development, Shipping…) But it still not running… (In my computer the packaged versions run perfectly).

Thank you for your attention.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

They have tried installing that “.msi”. But it still not running… (0xc000007b) OMG, this is so frustrating… Any other idea?

Thank you so much!

The error code that is being encountered has been outlined here in more detail: