Can't run many commands at runtime without locking up rift

r.SetRes doesn’t work unless on event begin play event.
sg.ResolutionQuality locks up the rift
sg.ResolutionQuality locks up the rift
hmd sp locks up the rift

Worse yet when you alt enter the settings revert to really high and ignore the commands. Is there any update on better rift support or an outlook for improvement? It is really quite a pain to use at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi BlueByLiquid,

Certain commands locking up the Oculus is a known issue that we are working to improve. At the moment the workaround is to press Alt+Enter to exit stereo mode and then press Alt+Enter to turn it on again.

If I misunderstood and the Oculus is completely freezing so that Alt+Enter doesn’t fix it, please let us know and we can do further testing.


Thanks for the response TJ. I can do alt enter twice for out and back for r.setres but it doesn’t help as it resets the options back to where they were. This means you can’t set that option at all.
For the other two commands usually it is locked up for good. But on occasion it will allow me to come back and reset the screen. When it does work it is the same as the r.setRes and it resets those options back to some really high value when you do the second alt-enter to come back into stereo mode.

I attempted to reproduce what you are seeing but without luck. Could you give me a rundown of your exact steps when you first open your project?


  1. Launch project

  2. Click Play (or Launch) standalone

  3. Alt-enter via fullscreen.

  4. Press “~” enter hmd sp 100 or any of the commands above.

  5. Display on Rift will lock up. If you have mirror up, the mirror image is still working and appears to have applied the setting you changed.

  6. Press Alt-Enter to exit full screen

  7. Press Alt-Enter again to enter full screen

  8. If Rift does come back (usually doesn’t) it will have reverted the settings back to what they were before the command. This is shown in both the Rift as well as the mirrored image.

I edited your response for readability. It’s totally not your fault, your format should have worked. We are currently working with our hosting service to get that fixed.

So far while testing I can always get the Oculus to come back by hitting Alt+Enter and it keeps my settings. I have a few more questions for you.

Which version of Oculus SDK are you using?

Does this happen in every project, even a new one?

Also, can you post your dxdiag?

ue4: 4.4.3
oculus SDK: 0.4.2

Retried two black projects and it happens on both new ones too.

just uploaded dxdiag

So I have finally found the issue to several problems including this one. ARRRGGHHH!

It seems that Actual Multiple Monitors is having some conflict specifically with the rift vsync. Killing that software makes unreal work as TJ has described below.

I posted the below in a couple of my issues as AMM seems to be having a conflict.

The Actual Multiple Monitors product is pretty sweet (adds taskmanager AND start menu to each monitor and only displays windows on the task manager for the monitor they are on. I have become to rely on it for using multiple monitors as the other solutions don’t work as well and none add a second exact copy of the start menu. and other items. here is there site: Actual Multiple Monitors: Extended Taskbar with Support of All Windows 7 Features on Each Display. While there site looks pretty crappy their products are very good.

I will submit a ticket with them on the issue as well. It would be interesting to see what the conflict is. I’m guessing both the oculus SDK and AMM talk to windows at a very level so maybe they are walking on each others toes.

You guys might make a note as many developers I know use AMM for multi-monitor setup so they will likely have similar issues.