Can't remove red line from line trace


I’ve created a simple line trace, I look at a box, text displays. Nice and easy. However, once I set ‘DrawDebug Type’ to ‘None’ and send it to my GearVR I get a really weird error; everything is totally black, until I turn around and look at the cube, then, I can see everything. Then, if I quickly look away from the cube, 1 side of the level is dark, I can make objects out, just, but it’s all unlit. If I look at the cube again, it comes back, however, when I look away slowly, the level doesn’t become dark again.

All this from changing ‘DrawDebug Type’ to ‘None’. If I set it back to ‘Once Per Frame’ it works perfectly again, no clue why. Any suggestions?

Edit: I don’t know if this helps, but in developer mode on my phone, if I type ‘Stat FPS’ into the console, suddenly I can see everything.


I have got nearly the same as you but on “Trace Channel” My one is on Visibility not Camera. Hopefully this helps.

Good Luck

Thanks, I just fiddled with something and have narrowed it down, for some reason it’s the actor Blueprint I have placed in the scene, deleting this solves the problem…sadly I need the blueprint! haha. It never ends

ok glad you found the solution :smiley:

Use the function “Flush Persistent Debug Lines”


yeah bro, but it is for development only:(
Is there any other way to do it? I need a code that removes trace lines to work even after compilation