Can't Recognize Augmented Images in CloudARPin Project

Hi! I’m trying to add image scan feature based on the CloudARPin sample project targeting Android, but weirdly the images are just not getting recognized.
I got the HelloAR and AugmentedImage sample projects built and running fine, and the CloudARPin sample itself too. I just basically modified the HandleTouch macro based on the level blueprint in AugmentedImage project, and I also created the ARSession config and AugmentedImage database. The planes are detected correctly, but never the images, so it gets cast failed all the time.
I’m pretty new to unreal and ARCore, and the CloudARPin is really driving me crazy lol. And I couldn’t find much information online as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi, is this still a problem for you? If so, can you file an issue here: Issues · google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk · GitHub