Cant print Motion Controllers trackpad axis

Hello, I want to do something with the trackpad position with mi VIVE controllers using the VR template from the engine. I used a debug print string node with the “Get MotionController ThumbRight_X” and “Get MotionController ThumbRight_Y” as shown here:

The output is always zero, I have tried that blueprint both inside the VR Player Pawn and the MotionController Blueprint with the same result.

What I am missing?


Solved-ish: The Get MotionControllerThumbRight/Left contains data only in the context of the VR Player Pawn. I don’t know if this is the best implementation, but I managed to retrieve the trackpad data from others BPs storing and passing the data:

Why not use the inputaxis event? It runs as a tick and you can return the axis value straight into a print screen.

I did it this why because I was not getting any data outside the context of the VR Pawn BP. My fix was to store the axis data in a variable and pass it to other BPs. I didnt use the event Axis because it would be calling this part of the code at full speed speed and it is not really necesary to be that fast. So I did this event every 100 ms to get and store the data.