Can't paint landscape with only some layers

I have made a landscape material and everything works fine with the layers: Sand , **Snow **and Pebbles.

But when i try to paint with the layers **Brick **and **Grass **, the shaders compile and the landscape is locked with the Grid material , and no changes if i put the material in the slot again.

I use world compisition with 9 maps ( AA AB AC BA BB BC CA CB and CC).

The only thing i can do when the grid material fill all is to right click on the layer which dosent’ work and make , ***Clear layer *** , to get my work come again.

(I see Ue4 have put the layers for Brick in a folder names Map_AA_sharedassets and the others in a folder names Map_BB_sharedassets , but i 'm painting on Map_BB only for the moment , if it can help you to help me)

@darref When this happens it’s usually one of two things:

  1. You’ve fiddled around for a long time with a lot of different layers. Answer: you need to fill with one layer ( right click on layer ) and then re-paint the others.

  2. You’ve run out of texture space in your landscape material. Answer: Open the material and right click on texture nodes set source to Shared:wrap.

Alright It work with the SECOND OPTION.

Now i have another problem: A component of the landscape is Grid material and don’t want to display.

Problem solved by the first answer ( clear layer ). Thank you very much