Cant Package Project!

check this out AttachParent is private in UE 4.13! - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I’ve been attempting to package my project for the past 2 weeks. still nothing but errors!
please help this is very urgent. I’m attaching a log too. I’ve been having trouble with this forever…

if your reading this and you’re thinking about ignoring it… please double think this. I really could use your help…

Hi CaptainDeagle62,

If you started your project in UE4.12 and updated it to UE4.13, definitely check out the link BPANDREW has provided in his Answer. If you created the project in UE4.13, start to finish, open your attached log and from the top down, search the word “error” You have a number of code errors that you will need to fix, and they are clearly listed in the log.