Can't Package Project with Oculus Audio Plugin

I have a project I’m trying to build, the goal is to package it with the Oculus Audio Plugin turned on because I have 3D sound. However it doesn’t let me package, so I’m clearly missing something or there’s something I don’t know about.

Here is the log which leads to the error, can you help me diagnose this error if possible?
The Blurred out sections are the project name.

The strange thing is when I turn off the Oculus Audio Plugin, it builds perfectly without so much as a hitch.
I have 3D sound and I really want this to work.

Can you help? Thanks


The solution was to install Visual Studio 2015 C++
You don’t need to sign in, just go “Maybe Later” if it asks you to login

Start a new project and choose the first choice

You may have to wait for abit to download, make sure to close Visual Studio and let it download. Once its completed, close UE4 and restart your project and build and it should work.