Can't Package Blueprint project "Visual Studio not installed"

I’ve been trying to package my projects, however I get this message whenever I package in Windows (32 or 64bit) saying that Visual Studio 2013 is not installed.

I haven’t used Visual Studio with this project or have any intention to, why do I get this error and how do I remove it?
Need this project packaged as soon as possible!

EDIT: I’ve already installed the latest version of Visual Studio Community, anyway to link the program?

Thanks for your help


The visual studio compiler is used for unreal stuff. You need to install it to do advanced things, like package, it seems. You don’t have to use it, it just needs to be there.

Makes sense, but I already have the latest version of Visual Studio Community - I don’t think I can install an earlier version. Anyway to link it maybe?

You can install multiple versions of VS.

Hello Alex2the3gr8,

You mentioned that you’ve never used Visual Studio for this project, so can I assume that this project is a Blueprint project and does not involve Code in any way? Is the project based off Shooter Game or any other Unreal samples?

The correct workaround for the moment would be to install Visual Studio however, but if this isn’t a code project, it definitely shouldn’t be asking you to install Visual Studio. Also, please note, Visual Studio 2015 will not work natively with versions of UE4 including 4.9 and prior. You’ll need Visual Studio 2013 as the message says.

Hey ,

No, I used a completely empty project when I built - No other content was added. I installed visual studio the day before this error appeared, so I assume it’s somehow connected.

I tried installing previous versions, but nothing was removing this error. In the end I uninstalled both VS and 4.9, It’s working now so hopefully this error won’t appear again!

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that you fixed your issue. Please let me know if the issue returns.

In my case the reason was enabling a plugin in the Plugins tab of Unreal Editor. The plugin was C++ so it required VS for build

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Thank you, i also enabled a plugin for testing some time ago. didnt realize this was the reason