Can't Open/Edit .uasset file

Hi. I am trying to modify Dragon Ball FigherZ content for me and my friends to use offline. For example: I would like to swap a character’s color05 and color01 with one another. I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the file references though. I use “umodel.exe” to open and save the character’s content files/folders, then I move the “_base.uasset” and “_Sss.uasset” from color01 to color05(and vice versa), then I need to edit the references of the “.uasset” files to reference the correct material files. I’ve tried dragging the “.uasset” files into Unreal Engine 4.17.2. I’ve tried closing UE, copy and pasting the DBFZ files into the Unreal Engine project’s “Content” folder then restarting UE, I’ve tried using the Import button in UE Content Browser but nothing is working. I either get errors when trying to drag and drop the files into UE, or UE can’t see the files when attempting to Import. A user on Github(kaiheilos) has made a program, for editing Unreal .uasset files, called “Asset Editor”, however, since the source code isn’t available to view, I would prefer a safer option(Unreal Engine). Please help my headache.

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You wont get help here on this, unofficial mods usually break games EULA so Epic prohibits discussion about it here.