Cant move in water

ive used volume and then enabled water volume and physics on contact , put fluid friction on 22 ( like most tutorials do ) but when i jump in the water it wont let me move

no the first person ( learning from the FPS example map )

Do you use the 3rd person template? Because you always have to look into the direction where you want to swim.


A similar question was asked on the forums already. Check out this thread:


FWIW though, it sounds like you want to reduce your fluid friction (usually to a low value like 0 or 0.1).

Final post in that thread duplicated here for completeness:

I’ve had some time to take a look at
this now and the system looks to be
functioning as expected. Some things
to note:

  • The default settings wont create much of a ‘bob’ when in the water
  • The ‘freezing’ is usually due to the ‘Fluid Friction’ value on your water
    volume being set too high. A value of
    zero will mean you don’t get any
    friction when moving through (and
    bobbing in) water, so wont freeze in
    place after a time.
  • I found that the following settings made my character bob up and down
  • Setting ‘Can Swim’ in your character’s movement component (nav
    agent props).
  • Fluid Friction of water volume: 0.0
  • Buoyancy of character: 1.4

I did find a minor bug with how
collision is performed on water
volumes, but that shouldn’t affect
your bobbing much. Hope this helps!

oops sorry! i searched for water and walk in the top but nothing similar came out ! sorry for the post and thanks for the help!