Can't Migrate assets to network drives

Hi there. I’m trying to migrate assets to a network location, and Unreal doesn’t seem to allow me to do that:

As you can see, i have a number of networked drives available to me in explorer, but when i migrate assets, and am prompted to choose the destination content folder, i cannot see any of the drives.

Is there a work-around for this? or is something wrong with the way my mapped network drives are set up. I have not had any other issues accessing these drives from any other software (3DS, photoshop, Sketchup, Rhino, Unity etc)

My work around for this so far, has been to of course create a project locally, but i’m quickly running out of space due to my C drive being an SSD.

Furthermore, it seems that local project creation has created over 40gb worth of project files. only 14gb of that is actually in the project folder itself, the rest is scattered in my user folder (user/roaming/local/Unreal Engine/…) and i have no idea what is safe to delete. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I’ve got this problem as well. UE4 is using an archaic Windows Explorer dialogue box, is there any hope for getting it updated? Any workarounds?

Sorry for the necro post, but can confirm this is still an issue. Me and several other people have to work from network drives, and I can’t migrate individual assets without copying the whole project over first.

Any updates on this issue? Is it planned to be fixed, or is it at least being looked at? Anyone submitted a bug report for it yet?

We are also experiencing this exact issue with no luck.
Need help!
Anyone else have a solution?

Hey Guys,
Just had the same issue but figured it out, just go into windows explorer and copy the path of where you want to place the files and copy that path into the migrate folder window and press enter and it should migrate. Also the next time you go to migrate that network drive should be visible in the migrate window

Just tried this, sadly doesn’t work for me. But ty ty for the idea :slight_smile:

Same problem. This is really getting silly. Please could someone from Epic look into this?

Hope this helps

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