Can't make simple font material, "Invalid Font Page 0. Max Allowed is 0"

Went to content browser created new material. Set it to masked, and unlit.

Went to content browser created new User Interface -> Font, added a basic font to it

Went back to material I created earlier added font sample, set font to newly created font, then I get the error “Invalid Font Page 0. Max Allowed is 0”

I did this sort of thing a few versions ago and I remember it being different and looking different. What do I need to do?

I’m experiencing this same thing. Given that there’s ALSO a bug right now with changing a textrender component’s color (Change color on text - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums) something as simple as changing a sub-component font’s color seems to be absurdly obtuse.

I’m also getting Invalid Font Page 0. Has nobody set up an Answerhub thread?

Well I copy and pasted a font from a material that was already working, and don’t get the error then.