Can't load project using a custom Blueprint node

I’ve just created a new editor module and added a custom async Blueprint node. Everything seems to work in the editor: I can place it in the editor and use it fine.
However on the next load, I get several load errors at startup, like these

/Game/Blueprints/MyBlueprint: Can’t find file for asset /Script/EditorModuleName

Failed to load /Script/EditorModuleName.K2Node_MyCustomNode Referenced by EventGraph Property /Script/Engine.EdGraph:Nodes

After startup the node works fine again, so maybe it’s not available when the project loads?

Yes. This was a module load order issue. in my .uproject file I had to make sure that the editor module was listed before the game module. Like this:

"Modules": [
			"Name": "GameEditor",
			"Type": "Editor",
			"LoadingPhase": "Default"
			"Name": "Game",
			"Type": "Runtime",
			"LoadingPhase": "Default"