Can't join LAN Sessions

hi guys! i am try to create a Lan Server for test my game, but i have a problem, i gotta do a session by server and find session by client (LAN), but when try Join in the server aways fail, in the log appear two error when i create session, “ConnectionLost” and “FailureReceived” , i don’t have idea of the how solve this.


  • i’m use UE4 4.19
  • this erros dissapear when i create session with just 1 player (i use 2 players in “Multiplayer Settings” in “Change play mode screen” as well how everybody do this)
  • i try compile and does’t work too
  • i try do this in a example third person project and also does’t work

Please Epic, Support me, i need you!!

sorry i dont use English well

did you edit DefaultEngine.ini?

if you didnt edit it, you have to add ↓

no problem, i am brazilian, don’t speak well too, and yes, i did edit the DefaultEgine.ini but didn’t work

HEY I GOT SOLVED, the public sessions must contain the max number the players in moment of create a server