Can't Install Launcher

Hi there,
I checked the older post but couldn’t fix my problem following the instructions posted.
While installing directx the installer rolls back the installation.
here my txt file. I hope someone could help. text

Hi faakers,

Please try the steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide? Let us know if anything works for you or not.

The Launcher installer is having issues installing the DirectX dependency. The answer in this thread will get you past this: UE4 launcher cant install, fail at Directx install - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you.
This solution in the link worked.

Yet I couldn’t install directx again, as the suggested in the link.
I skipped the directx install(which is labeled as the step you shouldn’t skip) and installed launcher without directx.

I think there is much bigger problem going around with my pc.