Can't host a session with Steam

Hi! I’m having a problem, where I can’t host a session with Steam. Everything works properly until I need to host a server. When I do that, it opens a lobby level for a second or so and then throws me back into main menu. I have no idea what could be causing this so I could use some help, thanks.

Check this post. Seems like 4.27 is having issues with Steam

But I’m using 4.26 so could this problem exist in this version as well?

Oh, sorry, I see the engine version is 4-27 at the top of the question so assumed you’d put 4-27 as your engine version.

Oh I’m sorry, I accidentally put the wrong version.

I got it fixed. Turns out there was a plugin installed called “Steam Sockets” which, for some reason, prevented me from hosting any servers with Steam. All I did was I disabled the plugin and it works now.

I have been trying to solve this problem for 10 days. really thank you so much. Steam socket plug in disabled. Problem solved.