Can't get working Hands with Quest 2 in VR Preview in Unreal Engine 4

Reply in other thread will not gain any attention so I’m making new topic.
I’m following this tutorial: Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Quick Start in Unreal Engine 4.26 - YouTube

And I can’t see hands in VR Preview (using either cable or AirLink) in UE4. I see them perfectly in Quest2 menu but nothing while VR Preview with Unreal Engine. I even downloaded this youtuber project he made, but it’s still not working. Any wonder why?

Nevermind. Solved it finally. Just disable every plugin beside Oculus VR. (Had OpenXR HandTracking plugin enabled).


Doesn’t seem to work for me. I disabled every VR plugin, all the Open XR plugins and the Oculus Open XR plugin. Only enabled the Oculus VR plugin. Nada, no hands.