Can't get terrain right

So, recently I’ve been struggling with terrain materials, been trying to create a material for my landscape that would look more natural.
I read through and followed the landscape section of the documentation

and created a landscape material as instructed in the ‘creating landscape material’ page.

But for some reason, I can’t get it right. My terrain always looks… tiled, like this:
(won’t let me upload or include an image for some reason)

Anyway, as you may see, it doesn’t look natural. It looks like a bunch of tiles of dirt. Does anybody know how to get around it? What could I be doing wrong?


  1. remove the specularity (connect a constant 0 vector to specular)
  2. take a look at the grass material from the starter content. There they have added some random variation to hide the tiling. :slight_smile:

Oh, ok. I’ll try it. Thanks

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